Hello Community Group Leaders,
We realize you were right in the middle of a great study with your groups when all of this distancing began. As you have heard by now, the church is not having any services, activities, groups or events until further notice. Stay tuned to Facebook and our website for future updates. However, this does not mean groups have to stop completely! We just have to think and operate outside the box. We want to get you as many tools as possible to help you continue to lead your groups. Below are some resources we hope you’ll use to continue to “meet” and share with your group. If you don’t have all the contact information for your people, call us so that we can help you.
Some FREE options for hosting web meetings:
1. Zoom –

2.Google Hangouts –



3. Skype –
4. Facebook Messenger – Group Video Messaging
Bible Study Resource: RightNow Media: This is totally FREE access to thousands of video resources to help with parenting, marriage, discipleship and more.To access this free gift, text Rightnow Wadebc to 41411. You may also go to under the Resources tab and there is a link to Right Now Media.

If you need assistance, please let us know!