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by: Mike Wright

Job’s Wisdom

The book of Job is filled with wisdom. So much wisdom it’s hard to pull out single truths.  This last time through the book, my heart was drawn to Job 40:4.  For most of the book Job had been seeking an audience with God. Job believed he was a righteous man who feared God. In fact, God’s own words seem to confirm Job’s thoughts about himself.  The whole book began when God pointed out to Satan how Job was an upright man. Then Satan began to ask God to allow him to tear down the hedge that was protecting Job. Of course, we all know that a tremendous amount of suffering was in store for Job.

Getting back to the scripture that caught my eye; Job 40:4 says what Job had to say after encountering God.  After seeking an audience with God and then getting it, Job really did not have much to say. Job discovered that silence was indeed golden. After listening to God speak, Job knew he had nothing to contribute to the conversation. God told him to brace himself, but I think Job was feeling a little shaky at this point.  Let’s be quite clear here, Job was still the man that God had spoken so highly of, remember the Bible says he was blameless and upright (Job 1:8). Yet, when he heard the God of Heaven speak, he said in verse 4, I am unworthy- how can I reply? I put my hand over my mouth. Could it be that Job had compared himself to other men and now he had spoken to the REAL standard?

As I considered Job’s reply, I wondered how I would feel one day when I stand before perfection. As I look into His holiness, will there be any words that I could say? I imagine one look at Him in glory, and we will know that He knows everything that we have ever done.  A.W. Tozer once said, “whoever defends himself will have himself for defense”. I pray that I will be as wise as Job and put my hand over my mouth and fall on my knees.